View a map

Access a map

To access a user’s travel map, you must visit a link like this one: or
Here is how a travel map looks like:

Demonstration traveledmap with markers and cluster markers

Markers on the map

On the map, you can see two types of markers:

  • The travel markers, which represent a trip made by the map creator
    Marker (or pin) on the map, that stands for a trip
  • The markers with a number indicated above, that correspond to travel groups, or clusters. This marker is simply used to make the card readable. The number on the marker corresponds to the number of trips that are hidden behind the marker.
    Cluster or groups of markers

Below the travel markers is a text which indicates the name of the trip chosen by the map creator.

What you can do

When you move the mouse over this text or the marker, a one-second loading starts to show you the photos selected by the traveler as the best he/she took during his/her trip.

When you click on the marker or the text, you will have access to the detail of the trip, if it includes stops. The stops can stand for the different cities visited during the trip, or different places in the city. The detail allows you to follow the traveler’s journey, looking at the photos for each of the steps or even between them.

View the steps of the trip, city visited, roads ...

To access the photos, simply move your mouse over the markers or step names, in the same way as on the trip list. Note that on a mobile phone, when you click on the travel marker, two buttons will be provided. The first to see the steps of the trip and the second to see the pictures related to it.

Actions while choosing a trip on mobile

Whether on a mobile phone or a computer, when you display the photos, they appear in a sliding panel at the bottom of the screen. You can enlarge a photo by clicking on it.

Know about the creator

Finally, if you want to know more about the creator of the map you are viewing, you can access his/her user profile by clicking on his/her profile image or name at the bottom right of the screen. You will have access to his/her information such as first and last name, description and profiles on social networks.

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