About this website

What's TraveledMap ?

TraveledMap.com is a website where you can access a new trendy tool ! Let's try to create your own map.
You will gain :
  • An overview of all the places you have visited
  • An easy way to access your pictures
  • A new experience of viewing your photographs
  • An interactive and efficient manner to share your journeys with your community
  • And... a new feature : the possibility to share your trips on the web !
Maybe you just want to keep those trips for yourself, but if you want, you can share them on the web.

Who am I?

My name is Quentin Lerebours, I'm a 24 years old French developer who is passionate about travel.
My problem : I never took the time to have a look at my trip's pictures, this is why I decided to create this tool that allows me to access to my previous travels in an organized and easy way.
You can find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Services / Where are stored your pictures ?

TraveledMap.com is using Firebase, a Google service that allows database storage, media storage and user authentication.
This service is used in order to reduce costs and to improve innovation to offer the best features.
If you do not want your pictures to be stored on a Google service, do not hesitate to get in touch with me so as to find a solution that suits you best !


Thanks to FontAwesome for the icons

Thanks to Simon Migaj and Nathan McBride for their beautiful image uploaded on Unsplash

Thanks to Anbileru Adaleru from the Noun Project for the locations SVG pins Add Location by anbileru adaleru from the Noun Project