Embed a map

Here is the pricing to use a map on your blog or website and redirect to external links like blog posts.
You can see an example on My Life's a Travel Movie website.
To setup the payment, you can use the "Activate" buttons below, contact me at contact@traveledmap.com. I'll answer within a day.


3 Months for FREE
Then $2.99 / Mo
UsageUnder 1K viewsby month **


$4.99/Mo *
Usage1K to 3K viewsby month **


$9.99/Mo *
Usage3K to 6K viewsby month **


$14.99/Mo *
UsageOver 6K viewsby month **

* "View" stands for a user visiting the page where the map is embedded.

** The prices may vary for companies.

Move the map to set the center and zoom

Trips clustering

Less groupsMore groups

Map pitch

No pitchPitch

Markers color

Show pictures

Copy link to embed

You can embed the map in a website using iframe. Note that you can adapt width and height to your needs.
Remember to set allow="fullscreen" on iframe in order to make the fullscreen feature work.