An interactive map to illustrate all your travels !

4 years ago
Map that illustrates the integration of maps on TraveledMap

In this article, we are going to explain how:

Create an interactive map for all your trips!

Have you never dreamt of gathering all your travel memories in the same place? Now, it is possible thanks to TraveledMap! This online website is mainly designed for backpackers wandering the world. It allows you to keep track of your various experiences thanks to an interactive map that you can easily edit.
In this article I present the different main features of this interface. You will never have seen something that simple for so much benefits. I hope to convince you about the revolutionary aspect of this project. I tried it myself as a backpacker and I loved it.

Do you travel/backpack?

Road Trip, backpacking, couchsurfing, airbnb, discoveries, all those words ring a bell in your brain? Are you thinking about the trips you made and the one to come?

By beginning reading those few words you recollected your last Road Trip in Patagonia where for a month you hit the road without a single coin, hitchhiking and stopping agape before landscape all more beautiful than the last. Every single person you came across was craving to follow step by step you adventures. That is because they did not have the guts to do it: not the good time; not in the mood: all those excuses you got rid of the second you started packing your stuff. The fact is that you may lack the way to share easily what you are experiencing.
You may have a YouTube channel where you will edit your video while or after you travel. You perhaps even have a blog where you post daily every step you make forward. However all of this is so classical … you do not really succeed to stand out of the crowd.
With TraveledMap you can have this opportunity from everywhere, you will be able to bring a geographical dimension to your travel thanks to interactive maps. Let us show you how.

You like traveling? So do I!

You like traveling? So do I!

A mere operating system

In addition to be free, TraveledMap is a tool very easy to use! From a simple background map, you can create your own trips’ library online 😉 Before going ahead, have a look to these tutorial videos which will guide you step by step.

When starting a map, you have 2 possibilities: highlighting the destinations you have already visited or retracing the different stops of your road trip.
The first thing to do is to name you worksheet and save it so as not to lose the changes done. Thanks to your account information, you will be able to access your TraveledMap from anywhere.
Then, you can begin to show with a marker, the places where you have travelled. These items are obviously customizable (shape, colour, size). Besides, a search bar is at your disposal at the top of the screen in order to facilitate potential researches for precise addresses.
Marker customization modal

Marker customization modal

As you will progressively fill your planisphere, the zones you indicate having already visited will take the colour you would have chosen. In this way, you build a living history of all your excursions through the world! There even exist a feature that offers you the possibility to reveal your permanent home. Thanks to this additional icon, your various touristic journeys will be more emphasized.
For an optimal experience, add photos (free) and videos (paying) to illustrate your adventures. By gathering all your memories in the same place, sharing them has never been so simple! You could therefore make your relatives discover your passion for globe-trotting through social media, or opt for keeping it for yourself.

Example of road trip map created with TraveledMap

Example of road trip map created with TraveledMap

You can also insert external links* that send back, for instance, to blog articles, written by yourself regarding some destination. Don’t worry: everything is made to optimize the legibility of your map, especially the full-screen mode and the smart scroll.
What’s more, interactive maps by TraveledMap can easily be integrated within a website*(learn more about my WordPress plug-in by reading this). Hence the possibilityo alter the background colour, among other options, in order it to remain coherent with the interface design.

*These features are chargeable

The perks of this platform for a travel blogger

As I said previously, you may have seen how easy to use is TraveledMap. Indeed, it a super tool which allows you to share your experiences in the best imaginable way. You may not have the time to publish daily summary video of your day but you wish to be followed day to day by some of your close friends and family. All of it brings a geographical dimension to your trip which becomes very visually.

Travel itineraries

Travel itineraries

With TraveledMap, you can publish photos at the right moment of your trip following your itinerary on a map. You just have to update your map in order to let people looking it up having a hint about what you are doing without writing a block of text on your blog for instance.
The idea that a picture is worth a thousand words has never been truer. One or more little pictures can be added to your diary with a short description and voilà!
Then you have in your possession a simple and efficient way to share your experiences, you can also insert some links (if you got a YouTube channel for instance). You can have all your travels on the same map which you can edit as much as you want: is it not the dream of every backpacker?

About the usefulness of TraveledMap for a company

You are a businessman and you are wondering what could be the interest of a TraveledMap for your website? Let yourself be tempted by the numerous beneficial aspects of this tool for your community!

It is important to know that inserting a cartography of your national as well as international locations constitute a strategic action towards your users. Indeed, it is the occasion to learn them more about your company. Thanks to TraveledMap, you can associate image galleries with each marker indicating a place where you are active.
Sharing photos of your premises or even a few images of the daily life of your team allows you to reinforce the proximity with your surfers. Similarly, you can add the business trips of your collaborators on the map. It is a good way to involve your users by insisting, for example, on storytelling.
You can also place Call To Action buttons directly on the interactive map, so that a place redirects to a specific heading of your website. TraveledMap offers a real advantage given that it enables a huge time saving compared to a “homemade” map. All the tools you need are available to help you realizing easily any kind of map.

Company seminars map created with TraveledMap

Company seminars map created with TraveledMap

Thus, it is not necessary to own skills in numeric development to handle TraveledMap. Moreover, they are very easy to integrate on a page of your website or your blog. Regarding the User Experience of this type of feature, it is obviously optimal thanks to a very intuitive browsing.

Here we come to the end of this introduction article, which looks quite like a user manual. As you have probably understood, this online tool is destined both to individuals and professionals. In addition to the existing features, other ones always more original and practical are regularly added. So, stay tuned! 👀 It only remains me to wish you a good trip! See you soon on TraveledMap 👋


TraveledMap offers you the possibility to design and personalize your interactive map which gathers all your travels. They have an original and funny layout which will please your readers. It is now possible to look up easily all your stories at a glance, you can edit and share them as much as you wish! Try it yourself!