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Draw your customers' attention while helping them to discover the itineraries you created them, through an interactive tool.

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TraveledMap has created a tool to help Travel agencies, tour operators and customer-made trips' creators to introduce trip itineraries they made, to their customers, using an interactive way.

This easy-to-understand tool, allows to show trips and tours details step by step, thanks to a map. It helps user to discover the multiple destinations he'll visit, in a playful way.

For each city ou key step of the presented trip, the future customer is able to check the step's name, it's location, a few pictures to visualize what they'll do, provided with a short description.

This tool can be setup on your website through only a few lines of code, which will prevent you to develop anything. It can also be setup on a white labelled, dedicated website.

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Custom branding

We setup a tool to share your trips, and we adapt it to the branding of your company. The tool can be white labelled.
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Sales raising

Help your future customers to plan their next trip ahead, find the one that corresponds them the most, and through this tool, raise your customer conversion's rate.
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Day by day

Stop introducing your trips with a monotonous description, and add the geographical dimension to the trip program's details.
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Pictures attraction

For each visited place, add a few pictures to attract visitor's attention. They'll be available in a single click.
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Easy to learn

Create trips in a few minutes, on an intuitive interface. Access to features like reusable steps creation, automated road computing, location search, etc...
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Quick integration

The trip's map will be available on a dedicated page, or can be integrated on your product page, on your website.

A tool that adapts to your needs

You can choose a custom layout both for map, destinations descriptions and images. More over, the TraveledMap's tool can be used either directly on the travel agency's website or on a dedicated website we setup, like for instance.On the following mockups, you can see multiple layouts, but you can imagine any layout that better fits your need 

  • With the same day by day description, but integrated to your website, with a map that focuses on the step currently read. It can be integrated in a single line of code, on desktop, tablets and mobile
  • With text on the left, in collapsible sections that, once opened will change the map focus to the related section
  • With steps' photographs on the right, without description but with buttons to switch from a step to another
  • With a scrollable day by day description and pictures, with a map whose step's focus changes along the user reading (it changes when he scrolls from a step to another)
First layout
Second layout
Third layout
Fourth layout

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