Create a map

You like the concept and you want to have your map to share it with your community? Or even keep it warm for yourself and review your travel memories from time to time? Let’s go, I’ll guide you to do it simply!

Get started

The first step is to go to to add a new trip. On this page, you will find an empty map, as well as a progress bar divided into four steps:

  1. Adding the main location of the trip, i.e. the place where you want this trip to appear on your TraveledMap
  2. The addition of the steps of your trip
  3. The addition of roads and paths linking the steps
  4. The possibility to preview before saving. Note that at any time, you can save your trip in a draft so that you do not lose it.
The four steps of a standard trip addition for your TraveledMap

Two kinds of trips

Before starting, it is necessary to ask yourself if you want to see the steps for the trip.

  • Choose the trip name
    If your trip does not include specific stops or places visited, the first of the four steps listed above will be sufficient. To add the main location of your trip, simply click on the desired location on the map to display the trip marker. When it is present, you can move it by clicking on another location on the map, or fill in the name of the trip by filling in the text field in the small window under the marker.
    Another option is available in this same window, it is the option “Show on the map”. Tick or untick the box will allow you to show or hide the name of the trip on your TraveledMap.

    Once you have entered the name, you can add the photos of your trip by clicking on “next”. Be careful, on the second step of the small window, you will be offered to use the new tool to choose your photos from the geolocation data, which you must refuse since you do not have the use for a simple trip.
    Add photos to a trip
    You can upload your photos by dragging and dropping them into the designated location, or by clicking in the center of it. Be careful, a limit in the number of photos is set up so that only the best photos of the trip are shared. The upload is completed when the account is full in the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. All you have to do is save and your trip is ready!
  • If you want to display steps, it is necessary to follow the same procedure for the beginning of the trip creation. However, it is advisable to use the new tool to automatically position your photos based on the geolocation data.
    • With geolocation: the new page is presented as follows
      Adding a trip with geolocation metadata builder tool
      1. The first step is to add all the photos you want to see on your map. Once added, a geolocation search is done on your photos. If these do not contain the necessary data, you will be asked to return to the previous page.
        Otherwise, your photos will be spread out on the map according to where they were taken.
      2. In order to position the different steps, you are asked to choose the number of steps you want to see on the map. Be sure to check that the cities or places you have visited are clearly visible on the map. If some locations are missing, it may be due to a wrong setting of the number of markers, or the fact that some photos do not contain geolocation data. Whatever happens, do not worry, everything can be updated later.
      3. Once the arrangement of the markers to your liking, validate and proceed to the next step. The names of the cities where the markers are placed are now displayed and can be modified on the map or in the step listing. By clicking on each step, you will be able to see the photos that compose it and thus choose to add some photos as favorites of the trip, which will appear when you fly over the trip on your TraveledMap. You can also decide to delete the photos or enlarge them to view them.
        Note: in order to find a listing step on the map, you can click on the marker icon on the left, which will center the targeted step in the list.
        The last item in the list is particular since it concerns photos with missing geolocation data. By clicking, you can then manually define the step to which each of the photos should belong.
      4. When the configuration is convenient for you and the favorite images of the trip have been chosen, you can save and upload the pictures. Once the upload is complete, you will be redirected to the standard trip creation interface that will allow you to edit the trip if you wish.
    • Without geolocation: You have therefore made the choice to stay on the standard creation page.
      1. To proceed to the addition of the steps of the trip, simply click on the button with the arrow to the right, below right, next to the steps of the trip. Be aware that during the creation process you can move from one step to the other either by clicking on the left and right arrows or by clicking on the point of the steps.
      2. To add a step, simply click on the map at the desired location, add the name and photos of the step as done previously for the trip. Add as many steps as you like. When it is finished, you can add routes between the cities or places visited, by going to step 3. To add a route between two places, click on the marker of the starting point of the journey, choose the mode of transport used (walking, car, plane…), then finally, click on the arrival point. After a few seconds, the route should appear on the map. If this route does not suit you, you can delete it by clicking on it and try again with other modes of transport. If you want to add photos taken during the trip, simply click on the route and add the photos in the same way as before.
      3. Add roads to the trip
        Once all routes have been completed, you can view the result by going to step 4 which will show you the trip as it will be displayed to visitors to your TraveledMap if you decide to share it.

If you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact me by email to